Knowledge base endpoint
# 🤝help
Hi, is there a method to add/update/change a botpress' bot's knowledge base? I've gone through the documentation of the botpress API, but did not find any such endpoint. Maybe I missed it or did not understand some endpoint, but I did read it thoroughly.
You can always add more info to it or another KB in the bot.
Just publish the bot again and you should be good to go
@User As our friend mentioned above, this is indeed possible. If your bot requires constant updates to the KB, I recommend using a Text Document where you input the information directly into the BotPress studio. Once you enable this KB, you can easily make changes and add new information without needing to use an external document. If this is not your question, feel free to DM me, and I'll see how I can assist you further.
Thanks bros, @fresh-fireman-491 and @ambitious-vr-9887 . My mistake that I did mention in start of the question that I was talking about botpress API. I actually want to use botpress API, so an I was looking for an endpoint to add/update KB.
Ahh okay I see. Unfortunately my knowledge is very limited there