Answering in 3rd person when getting data from the...
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I am using a Knowledge Base to answer questions to the users, but I am having trouble with the answers. The bot is usually responding in 3rd person, and talking too much about "the context". For example, it says things like "according to the document example.pdf uploaded in the context ..." when I would like for it to just straight answer the question. Any ideas? Thanks!
one thing you could try is in your knowledge base description, add some relevant information

like "this is an article about X" or "a book about Y"
Does the AI look at the description in order to answer? I thought it was just for the developer to know what that KB had inside.
I believe it informs how your bot pulls & refers to the information it pulls from a KB
I added a description but still get answers such as this:

I am sorry it's in Spanish, let me know if I can help with the translation, but it basically says "According to the context †1, The Bridge can access ..."
When I would rather prefer for it to answer "We can access"
This is the provided description

Did you try prompting it in personality agent?
Hey man, you can create an AI task and give specific instructions like "Answer in 1st/3rd person [rest of your instructions like I am your helpful AI Assistant...]" and use {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} as AI Task Input. Then store your result in, e.g. workflow.UserAnswer and call it in a text card. Don't forget to tick "Answer Manually (advanced)" in Knowledge Agent settings.
This is how I handled this issue in my bot.

Hey @prehistoric-gigabyte-35651 ! Thanks for the answer. I've tried this but am not getting results as expected. First, how is this flow connected to the Knowledge Base? I notice that the answers are unrelated to the KB documents I've uploaded. And second, I can't get the bot to answer something useful, just get answers such as "I'm an AI assistant for {businessName}, I am here for any questions you may have about our business." So as you can see, I don't really get an answer to the question, just the same answer always. I think I have followed your guide to make it the same
Thanks in advance!