AxiosError: Request failed with status code 400
# 🤝help
How can I call Axios Sequence API Request, I want to call second API based on first API response. But I am getting error in second API. Please help me to resolve it @crooked-van-25152

Hey there, do the calls work separately?
Any reason they're nested and not sequential?
Can you guide me how to code it?
I'm not much of a coder, but I would first make sure that the 2 calls work separately before nesting them
and if they don't need to be nested at all then even better
then they can just be added sequentially that should make things easier
can you please help here?
thanks 🙂
Hey @agreeable-notebook-52159, having problems yet?
400 means bad request - you are sending invalid data
I would think that's because you are sending a stringified object (line 26) but then you say the content type is JSON. It needs to be one or the other
Hey @early-train-33247 yes i see. Can you also tell me when will the feature is ready about reply back from the botpress webhook?
@mysterious-greece-6693 I want to call first api and wait for it response then call second one. How to implement this?