Can we separete our msgs, like mine as developer a...
# 🤝help
Like whitelist ip's or something, because each time getting new user id when visiting website and I dont know if it's me, client or new users coming in and chatting. On embeded chatbot.
This would actually be a pretty nice feature. I'm not sure if it's easy to make tho. Since we would need a dev user id and a client Id. Maybe if there's a difference between chatting from a chat box on a website and the emulator it would be possible.
But then it would still only be able to show the difference between those.
If you went to chat with it on a website it would be shown as that and not you
Hey guys, there's no way to do that. I could try storing your userId in a conversation but it would be different in all other convos, so using ids is not the way to go.
You can always delete testing conversations, to declutter your Inbox