ai task
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i want ai write the asnwer of the multiplication but th ai write me the answer of the example how do i change it ?

Hey @4gus, you can start by changing the {{howcourses.workflow}} to {{workflow.howcourses}}. The workflow. needs to come first for the AI to recgonise it. Also briefly explain to the AI what it is so for example: User query: {{workflow.clothingquery}}. I use this all the time when I use AI tasks. I think you can also get rid of @workflow.pricecourse because that seems to be where your wanting your answer to go. Another thing is change the task instruction so it says something more like this: "Calculate how much it will cost the user by how many classes they want. Each class is $50, so add how many classes by that amount to get your result." One more thing, add an example input and answer in the "Task Example" area. Hope this helps 🙂
thanks now its working