AI Task bugging amid conversation
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So the thing is, I've given my bot an AI Task, within which I also included info about a property it needs to answer qs about. I've set everything correctly, went through the structure a couple times and made sure it's fine. Now, when testing my chatbot, I'm asking it question based on the info I've given it in the AI Task, nothing outside of it, and after 2-3 correct answers, it just starts repeating the last answer disregarding any question I'm asking. What could this be and could this be related to the AI Task?
Do you have the summary agent on?
This is an extremely strange behavior
As I'm trying the chatbot rn it works fine
Once i hit that "new conversation" button and test it again, it begins to repeat the same answer I got for the first Q
Ignoring the Qs I know the chatbot defo has an answer for
Are you including the conversation?
Could you share the logs for when this happens or the chat bot so I can see for my self?
If you keep going back to the same AI task it can get very buggy and not work so if you want to ask more questions to the AI task you will need to make more nodes with different AI tasks giving each AI task context in the "AI Task Input" area. Thats why I personally use a mix between AI tasks and Stack AI but you will need to be able to code a little bit (I don't know your level). It isn't to difficult but Stack AI can take multiple inputs and have context of previous conversations and give much much better results than the AI task on botpress for now.
Used Stack AI a couple times for other chatbots, pretty effective and smooth but according to the Botpress devs, their "GPT Model" is not worse than Stack AI's one
It is tho
It is probably cuz i keep coming back to that same node with the AI Task, as I've created a conversation loop where the users can ask as many qs as they want

This how the loop looks rn
Initially the aiQuestion card was the first card in the AIChatLoop_ro node, so I've moved it into a seperate node cuz I thought this could be the issue with repeating answers as the qs users are asking could converge with the qs they've previously asked the chatbot, so that the chatbot would would just interpret every new Q as the first Q, giving the answer for the 1st Q
After moving the aiQuestion card to another node, it appeared that the chatbot started answering a couple more Qs, but still it's just 4-5 Qs and after that, same issue
Could you share a larger picture to see where all of the nodes go?

How's this one?
I can't see your start node

Could it be because of the AI Task Input
Can you send the logs for the repeating messages
Also the event debugger
Not that
Add a text card
With that in it
It will show where it got the response from
Then when a repeating message happens
Send me a screenshot of the citations

First q, the answer is perfect, exactly what i expected
Now a completely different q, same answer as for the previous q


Do you now have any Knowledge bases?
Add a text card {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.citations}} With that in it It will show where it got the response from Then when a repeating message happens Send me a screenshot of the citations
The KB Agent is on tho
What node do i add the text card in?
or should I just replace the nextAssistantMessage with the {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.citations}}?
It wont work
Since you dont have any knowledge bases
What is your bot for?
Since you dont have any
Should i just add one?
Well basically i can just copy + paste the info i've provied it in the AI Task and create a pdf or text doc with that and set the doc as the KB?
We could jump in DMs
Probs best.