My ChatBot-Builder just killed half day of work...
# 🤝help
I already submitted the issue with ID df835ef6-cbb2-4683-a7c1-6a163e110919 The whole morning I worked at some major updates on a template for a chatbot I currently working on. I accidentally clicked on a link in my settings which my browser opened in the same tab as the botpress cloud builder. I immediately came bock to the chatbot surface and the chatbot builder was set back to the point where I started today morning... How can this happen in a cloud-based environment? I can´t grasp that...
HAve you tried closing everything down and opening the cloud again
Yes I did... Closed, New Sign in, the new data was vanished. Now it´s past, I rebuilt it again.
It shouldn't have happen unless you may be using an unsupported browser