Is possible send whatsapp messages or is only rece...
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Is possible send whatsapp messages or is only receptive o bot?
Hey @lemon-room-24257 what exaclty do you mean here?
You'd like to intervene in the conversation?
Or you'd like to publish your bot to whatsapp?
You can send whatsapp messages but you need to do it via the whatsapp business site, you create a template and then you can use those
Okay, i must have my own whatsapp oficial API so?
Or could it be a third party company? And then the lead falls into botpress?
I have done it with the official API as well as Twilio. Botpress really wouldn't handle the sending of the message that goes through the API and then botpress just handles any response. I should mention the messages sent though exist "outside" of the flow, so you should figure out a way to feed them to the bot, if used