bug - bot provide answer from KB and its not actua...
# 🤝help
I had asked my bot about Netflix share price, and it replied with, 'The current stock price of Netflix is $400" and it says that the answere was find in knowladgebase, whereas I had mentioned that the share price is $425 in the KB. I have two documents and an open text embedded in my knowledge base. I instructed ChatGPT to search through all of those documents and text files to find where the stock price of $400 is stated, but it couldn't find any such mention.


You should be able to click on your question or response in the debugger and it may show you what it retrieved from the KB in the bottom center pane. Maybe too late now but if it happens again (is it happening consistently?) then look there and post what you see. You may also want to post the description you have written in the KB or any relevant prompts you are using.
i cant understand where in there it shows me where it got the answer from can you take a screenshot maybe ?
i deleted all my knowladge base and it still provides me with the same answer how ??