Multiple choices card does not allow to chose mult...
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Hello guys have you had a similar issue? I have set a Multiple choice input I see it renders the options but when a user chooses they just can choose one and not multiple.

I see what you mean now.
You want to give the ability to people to select more than 1 option
It's possible to make this choices random?
Yes, I was thinking that if the field is of Multiple Choice it should allow users to select multiple options. I am new to botpress but this is something I have done before with a custom widget on an app using Rasa. I was thinking that Multiple Choice should work similarly and allow select multiple options

I have tested on WhatsApp and it also allows just one option
I see. I just tried it, and it doesn't work on my end.
I could only select 1 option
which is a bit odd.
I've asked the team for clarity here.
Will get back to you when I hear more about this.
Rob answered this question on one of the live feeds. He said a work around is to have the user type in the responses. it should place the choices in an array. But I have yet to play around with that myself. I agree it would be nice to be able to have them choose multiple items
That's correct @tall-grass-57969
So apparently if you type the options: hello 1 & hello 2, the bot will pick up your choices.

So the issue is that not all channels support clicking multiple choices. It seems that the design decision with the Webchat was to not support the multiple click either; however, if you respond “hello1, hello2” the bot will pick that up.
The issue was raised, but I can't promise when there will be a fix for this.
Maybe you can try something like this...
Pick one option from the list or write down the multiple options that apply to you.
As a workaround for now!
Thanks for the support @crooked-van-25152
Anytime 🙂