How Get URL from user using Chatbot
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Hello everyone, everything good? I have a problem trying to get the URL of the user who is accessing the chatbot, I tried using "trigger" with "sendpayload" or "sendevent", I tried using "userData" with "window.location.href" inside "botpressWebChat. init" but I was unsuccessful in any of these attempts. 😥 So I decided to explain my specific case to see if there is anything that can be done, I have an application that provides URLS customers with tokens, every customer receives a different url and this token is extremely important to be saved when he contacts me. Example Client 1: enter the URL
Client 2: enter the URL
I need that when he contacts me, it is possible to store this input URL in a variable in botpress. I don't want him to press any button to do this, I just want when he contacts the chatbot the flow automatically takes this URL and saves it in a variable. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help me with this?