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Would like to retrieve complex information about the setup of my ecommerce client. Their sales channels, sales processes, fufillment processes. Is it possible to store the gathered information into a database with relational tables? how many sales channels do you use? -> 3 what are your sales channels you use? -> amazon us & amazon mx plus shopify us for shopify: which countries are you shipping to? Which payment-methods do you accept? for shopify-payment: prepaid, invoice, what is your fulfillment processes for amazon us? -> fba what is your fulfillment processes for amazon mx? -> dropshipping what is your fufillment process for shopify? -> mfn & dropshipping So the information i want to gather needs to be store in several tables which are relational to each other. The questioning needs to narrow down on previous answers. If the information is stored once i would like to be able to ask questions about the setup as well, so using a database as a knowledge base, is that possible? Did anyone build a complex questionere like that? Does anyone have an example of that? Any tipps, or hints on where to find information about this kind task is highly appreciated.
this should be possible but im still unsure what you mean with "relational tables" ?
I did build a complex data-base structure that is directly linked to our clients google sheet but its all in javascript code
Hi @cold-jewelry-54343, thank you very much for your answer. I mean relational database. Because the information would not be easy to be stored in one sheet. So you basically created javascript which pushes/reads the variables into the google sheet? Is there a connector/template on how to integrate external database?