Can you enable/disable the bot mid conversation?
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Hey guys! Currently building a bot that I am going to intergrate on Whatsapp. I want to create a workflow where the customer asks for a human agent, the bot will stop working and the user won't be able to activate it anymore. He will talk to a human agent, end the conversation, and only after the conversation ended - he will be able to activate the bot's workflow. Here is an example of a Whatsapp interraction that presents the desired outcome: Bot Message: Hi! I am a bot assistant for XYZ store, how can I help you? User: "I don't want to talk to a robot, I want a human" Bot Message : "Sure thing, a human agent will respond as soon as he will be available!" --- Bot is disabled --- --- Human goes through messages and sees that a customer asked for a human --- Human : Hi! you needed some help? User: Yes but I already looked at your website and made an order, no worries! Human: Glad to assist you! --- Conversation ends --- --- Bot is enabled again --- Is it possible to turn off/on the bot like the example I provided? I thought about creating an empty "capture raw information" card / "Wait for user input" card and creating an "true/always" intent and then it just loops. That way, no matter what the user says, he won't actually get a response the the bot will be "somewhat disabled". Unsure of how realistic that is. Thanks in advance!
Hey @calm-tiger-72438, we're working on this feature but it isn't ready yet. You can follow for updates!