Link to products after a Query
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I there, is there any tutorial online to demonstrate how the bot could link products enquired by the user in the chat itself?
Hey @fast-tiger-39527, text cards support markdown, so you can send a clickable link to users formatted like this:
[click me!](
Hey @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 thanks for the tip. But i was looking for something different. My bot is referencing a boutique website to answer questions from the customer. Say the customer asks "Do you have anything in purple?". The bot then answers with the specific clothes that are in purple. I want the bot to also link the products, not just provide the names of the products.
Got it! We're working on getting the knowledge agent to be better at giving links in their answer. Until then, you could do a workaround with code where you take the sources in
and use them in a message. I would write that message manually, though, and not give it to an AI task because chatGPT can sometimes mess up links.
Noted. Tqsm for the help
I was working on that. but i could not figure out how to pull the actual citation data. I was looking for something like
is there a way to acess the actual content from the citation? Because in my KB content is what is containing the URL's that im trying to share.
There's kind of a way to access the retrieved content, as it is stored in
. However not all retrieved content is used in the final answer; there might be 15, 20 chunks retrieved but only 2 used in the answer. So you'll need to code logic to find the retrieved chunks based on the citation, and then parse their content.