Bot sends welcome message too slowly after the web...
# 🤝help
Could it be possible to trigger the bots welcome message faster or in the background before the webchat pops up? It feels kind of weird that a couple of our bots open up but the welcome message takes about 3-5 seconds to become visible. In that time almost everybody just looks at the bot and thinks "wtf" and closes the tab immediately.
I agree. Performance is poor. its 5+ seconds for every answer and for initial welcome message. I would happily pay more for the performance to be no more than 2 seconds per answer. GPT 3.5 is instantaneous, so I'm not sure where the bottle neck is but it's making me seriously consider looking elsewhere.
Yeah. This must be fixed. I think everyone can accept the fact that the response is too slow when the webchat opens up. I dont think it would be that difficult to make the first messages trigger slightly faster or in the background before the chat window opens up. This would be the biggest step for us to make the next level in our business and actually start selling these for customers.