How to make a Quiz bot
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Please how do I make my bot pull a question from the KB and also provide a certain number of options as determined by the user, also evaluate and give the correct answer to the user with explanation
Maybe you could ask the AI task to provide the numbers of the variable that you have stored when asking how many options the user wants
Make {{workflow.variableName}} options for an answer and include the correct answer. Send them in random order to the user.
Or you could go the long way and create a workflow for each number of options. So let's say the user want 4 options you would direct them to the 4 options workflow and then do everything from there.
Okay, I'll try this, thanks a lot
I used AI task card and gave it task instructions and inputs to generate random and different questions but it keeps repeating Same questions It provided the answers correctly but the questions seen just different after every cycle of conversation Can anyone help with better prompts to make this work?
Maybe do different themes?
Thanks a lot, please how do i do that
This has been very helpful , how can I make my bot ask me questions from the knowledge base