ERROR code when i get to the execute code. Trying ...
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I have tried different codes, i watched all the vids on youtube and they all do the same thing. I have integrated zapier.

Hey @crooked-lion-69117 what is the error? You can open the logs in the bottom panel to check. You might also want to put quotes around the URL in your

hello, nothing is in the logs panel. Furthermore, when it does go to the End, zapier doesnt pick anything up. The picture above shows what it picks up. No email, name etc

Could you hit this button and give me the number? That way I can take a look at your bot directly

So the data was sent to the webhook successfully. Can you make sure your Zapier zap is working? From the screenshot you sent, do you need to turn it on?

Your post to the webhook was successful from the Botpress side, so the issue is likely from zapier

i have turned it on multiple times. I also tried to do it on As you can see in the image, it is empty...

furthermore, do you know of any other services that collect data like what i need. Preferably free
If all you want to do is save the user's name, email, etc you can use a table. They're built-in on Botpress cloud

and you can download a table as a CSV and then bring it into your CRM or google sheet

just to be clear... I want to build a chatbot. This chatbot will generate sign ups for a gym. The bot asks name, email, number etc. I need to gather that information the same way people in the youtube videos do when they do it on zapier and Are you saying that if an external user who visits this chatbot and signs up using their contact info, their data will get stored on a table in the botpress cloud?
ive been following these two videos mainly...

basically trying to gather the info they do in their video
im sure you have seen the last video as i have seen it posted by one of your helpers
@refined-television-22789 recorded the first video, maybe he's around to help?
Use a custom code card & export it to a zapier webhook :)) have that zapier webhook automatically export the lead information to a spreadsheet or a CRM. This is the custom code:
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workflow.zapierSuccess = false

const leadData = {
  budget: workflow.budget,
  metals: workflow.metals,
  colors: workflow.colors,
  brand: workflow.brand,
  size: workflow.bandsize,
  additionalnotes: workflow.addlnotes

// Replace YOUR_ZAPIER_URL_HERE with your zapier webhook url
try {
  const response = await'INSERT ZAPIER WEBHOOK HERE', leadData)
  workflow.zapierSuccess = true
} catch (error) {
replace the workflows with the workflows in your bot. With Zapier, set up a webhook for your initial trigger