**Refactor Node to Workflow**
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A user should be able to easily refactor a node into a workflow by right clicking it and selecting a “Convert to workflow” option. This way the workflow can be used across various parts of the project. Any workflow vars used in the node now exists as workflow vars of the same name in the new workflow Any vars that were being pushed into the node now exists on the Entry. Any workflow vars that were being pulled from the node now exists on the Exits. Any execute cards, expressions, etc on nodes pulling from the existing node now have their code updated to include the workflow name to keep from breaking. Benefits: In bigger projects, being able to quickly refactor some logic into something more modular and re-usable would be a huge time saver. Manually converting these are time consuming and cost users time. For the most part should be consistent and therefore automated. Implementation Suggestions: Right clicking a node and having the option to “Convert to Workflow” Word doc with specic Use Case and Screenshots provided. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1147229312035065896/1147229312123142254/FeatureRequest_RefactorNodeToWorkflow.docx
Cool idea, upvoted
Thanks for mapping it out in so much detail, i bet the engineering team will love that