Improvements to whatsapp integration
# 👀feature-requests
It would be great if there were improvements in general to the WhatsApp integration. I really like using botpress but in this integration I feel that it falls far behind compared to other bot builders. Would be neat to have the possibility to send previously created whatsapp template messages on the Whatsapp Business website or create them in the studio, send images, videos or customize further the button list for example: "Each dropdown requires a label but the Studio currently doesn’t support specifying one, so the label “Choose…” is used for all dropdowns by default." I now that Whatsapp API accepts a lot of parameters here like the mentioned dropdown button label but also sections for the options list, footer and description for the message and also a description for each element in the drop down list, will attach example images. I will try to contribute in this matter forking the repo but can't promise anything cause im kinda really busy these days. Keep up the good work, the botpress studio ui is amazing!!