KB's answering is inconsistent _ Bot expects text ...
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How to make the node itself a KB node? for me im able to make only card as a KB one to answer from. Also, the Bot expects text to be typed in a question format always to fetch the results from KB. Eg: Membership - says no answers found , whereas if i type what is membership ? then i get answers from the KB - why is this so? how to fix this issue ? can someone help?. Note: I have defined the input as Raw text field only. #KB answers inconsistent
Hey, i have had similar issues. There are three things I have tried with varying results. 1. You can go to knowledge Agent settings and give it some context instructions on what it should do when there isn't a proper question..(this probably won't work but worth a try) 2. You can try using GPT4.0. This will probably work but costs like 17x or something 3. U can integrate AI task and KB. That way u can give clear instructions on how to handle the situation like this


4. This one is experimental. I don't even know if it makes sense. But normally in error code, if you get something like say, "it's not a valid question" or something, then u can transition using that condition in an expression based transition card and then use a query KB card with input " What is {{event.preview}}?" So essentially manually converting it into a question.. and then answering that new question