How can I remove the source without using ai parap...
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I need to remove this "مصدر" = "source" that appears at the end of the message as it shows when answering the question on the bot page. I can't use ai as this is a very common track and the spend would be too much. I also can't use the agent that paraphrases the text as it is written in a certain formal way and I need it to be consistent. Thanks
Can you try the chatbot in the chat tab?
This might only appear in the emulator.
this appeared in the chat integrated on the website
(published version)
Ok thanks for the clarification
are you using an AI card to generate the answer?
nope :))
the problem is that it comes and goes, so I just want to have a plan in case it appears again or a way to prevent it
can you please share a report ID here ?
# Sending a Problem Report Here's how to send the Botpress Team a problem report: 1. In the Botpress Cloud Studio, locate the "Help" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 2. Click "Report a problem" and follow the steps on the screen. 3. Copy the Report ID to your clipboard and provide it to a member of the Botpress Team on Discord.
Here you go :)) report_01HSTAE58F20H8ZKQ3GN425AKB