Automatically swapping the language from BG to EN
# 🤝help
Hey there! I am having troubles with the language change. I set up the language to BG at the beginning of the workflow and it works fine everywhere except for this part of the bot. Do you have any suggestions what might be causing the language change in the response of the bot?
it is hard to see what is going on here due to the language barrier but what I suggest you do is to set the language by code:
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user.TranslatorAgent.language = 'eng';
You can set it to any language by setting it to its appropiate abbrevation like e.g. Netherlands "nl" , French "fr" etc.
I tried setting the language by code but there was no change in the behavior. Even though there is no RU (russian) english anywhere in the bot it responds in russian when the user type something.
did you enable the Language Agent and used the code I provided ? Just to be clear : the bot responds and translates all your nodes into Russian unintentionally ?
it could be that the NLU detects Russian and automatically switches to RU as the default language.