How to rent my ai chat bot to someone?
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Hey guys I have designed quite a lot of ai bots, published them but i want to know if I want to rent my bot to someone, lets say for example i have to provide my chat bot in institution or university official website or app, how can i do so? I guess i might do that by clicking on the share button and copying the link of the new page opened and sharing it with the university, and they will insert it in their own app or website on their own... Pls tell me about it and tell me the steps to do so or explain it to me...
Hello @creamy-orange-38725 there are a couple of ways you could do this. My general recommendation though would be to export the bot and make a copy of it in a new workspace that is set aside for the entity who is "renting" your bot. By doing this you can track the usage done by the company and Bill accordingly.
So if I wanted to do this with my Discord Help Demo Bot
I would open the bot and select export
Then I would go to my workspaces on my dashboard and select create new workspace
I would then name the workspace something meaningful, most likely the name of your client (so if they rent more than one bot from you the bots can be in the same workspace)
Then in the new workspace select Create Chatbot
Once the bot is created open it. I recommend selecting the start from scratch template for this
The select import from file
then the bot is there
You can then customize any variables or anything you need in that version of the bot in that workspace for the client
Publish the bot
then the analytics will be availabe for this bot
And your billing from this workspace will only be for the specific client
And if you go to usage in your workspace
you can see the specific usages for that workspace if you want to keep an eye on the bots as well as the anaylitcs (acessible from dashboard for eah bot)
Ohh Thanks a lot@flat-plumber-75402 . Thank you so much... But i wanna know how to share the bot to the client, like give them the api or what, and if yes, then how to give the api to the client, or how is cluent goung to add that bot in their websit?
Actually i am acting like a beginner but it is my first time renting a bot to someone in order to earn profit...
Okay so for them to put it on their website
go to integrations on the dashboard
Select your settings
Because a university want my bot to be published in their website and they want the bot to be there and they will pay me in return for that...
And you can just copy the embedded
They can just put that on their website
Ohh ok thanks a lot😀 @flat-plumber-75402 Can u guide me, if i put my bot on their website, do i have to make them sign legal documents with me so they do not misuse my bot and pay the amount on time. And if in case they do not pay the amount on time what should i do? Can i remove the bot from their site if they do not pay or bot be automatically disabled when payment is delayed and activated when payment is done?
A lot of this is going to be up to you, but I generally recommend having something in writing about payments and expectations with bot. You can turn off the webchat integration from the intergations tab in the dashboard.
Ohh thanks a lot@flat-plumber-75402 , Thank you for guiding me in my first time....😀
You are most welcome.