Creating a dynamic menu from table results
# 🤝help
I am trying to figure out how to do this: I want a multiple choice card to recieve it's options from table records. Is it possible? TNX
If I may, for which kind of case(s) would you need to have options coming from the table records?
Off course (: it is not necessary, but would be a nice addition, for example in a client real estate bot where the options of cities user can choose from - are taken from the actual cities that the company currently has apartments in, at the moment. I think it would be smarter in that case
Why don't you do it manually ?
Do these informations change regularly?
Because I'm really not sure how you would dynamically affect the number of choices and their values
I'm not sure if it is possible, but to start with I need to know how to use the item variable on the choices, never used it but think it will help to achieve it
@cold-lizard-78664 good news
It seems like it is possible
If you have like an already made table, I could do it with yours if you want
Hope it works, and tell me if it doesn't
Thanks to @rich-battery-69172 for helping me figure out how to use the item part of the multiple choice
Thank you!! works like a charm 😃