The next step of the project is to build an additi...
# 🌎general
The next step of the project is to build an additional brain and logic into the chatbot, or if I cannot do that, to make it work with other bots, so that the user can say "Check what the weather will be like in Paris four weeks from now, and find me some clothes from Amazon that match the weather and add up the price." And the chatbot gets to work, telling you what it's doing "looking up the weather...", "finding the weather-appropriate clothes...", "adding up the price of your purchases..." and finally giving the user the information and the answers (like many other valuable OpenAI projects we've seen in recent months). Text-to-speech projects and others that require a separate server, I don't include to this, at least for now. So this will keep me busy for the next few months, and hopefully it will be very useful for other bot builders here also 👍