Also, if you look at all my projects so far, the a...
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Also, if you look at all my projects so far, the average user experience on a scale of 0-10 is minus two 😂 🤔 I usually know how to get the code to work in the end, but then I just try to connect all the nodes in some way that makes sense. So my goal in the coming months is to learn how to design and build big and functional chatbots as well, like all of you. The first thing I'm going to try is to combine all the previous projects I've done so far (Assistants API tools like using math, external APIs like openweatherapi, sending data to and Google sheets, receiving data from Make. com and Google sheets, sending emails, Amazon API, cryptocurrency prizes), and add all the normal chatbot tools (Knowledge Base queries, Websearch, ChatGPT fallback) into one big chatbot with 10 different tools, like a Swiss Army knife 😆 🇨🇭 And then I also want it to be so that other bot builders can easily swap one or more tools for another. If I have a Weather API and they want to switch to a Stock Exchange API, it has to be quick and easy. My plan is to first build everything to work the way I've learned here from others (especially those who have sent their chatbots to me for testing 🙏 ), that the user tells the chatbot what they want to do, and then the chatbot chooses which workflow to go or which tool to use, one at a time.