How can I get Leads in CRM or Google Sheet automat...
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Hi Team I want that the leads is automatic transfer to google sheet or in my CRM but can't find any solution.
you would need to use a webhook like Zapier or (recommended)
there are allot of videos on youtube about it but you can also take a look at one of the users Chatbot 🙂 Id encourage playing around with and ask questions when your stuck
With just a tiny bit of Google Apps Script (which is essentially JS), you can have the Sheet creating new rows by accepting HTTPS requests. Really nice solution for small, quick data capture cases. Here's a good article on this. It's from 2018, but nothing has changed, I still use it myself for personal stuff:
This solution is something I just checked and it works indeed 🙂 @limited-gpu-21450 @red-fireman-14800

However this is limited to GET/POST