switch between workflows
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How can I switch between workflows? case: When there's an error, an "error" flow is executed and the chat stops there. I want the flow to go back to the main page, particularly to a card on the flow that asks the user if they have other questions and then take it from there. How can I do that?
I'm not sure it's possible
I know separate workflows can be exited, but this one doesn't seem to be able to get exited
Might have an idea
Actually I was thinking of integrating a separate workflow to exit, but when exiting you'll still be in the error workflow
To be honest, I have though about this, it would be a nice thing BUT it would be best practice to just try to solve them.
aah, but I need to get my user to other features if this one doesnt work, its bad user experience to just end a convo in an error!
@purple-dream-91712 the real question is what is generating the error. Also consider adding some error handling to the workflow. For example maybe test against turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer using an expression like {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} != null, Empty, Not Set. then an Expression for if always so that as long as the knowledge agent responds it goes one way but if it fails it has a path to go down. Personally I usually capture the variable and test it for say a capture card and a variable like workflow.answer. one expression is workflow.answer.length > 0 and the other is workflow.answer = Empy, null, not set to give the bot a pathway for either the answer being found or not
@purple-dream-91712 I agree that it's bad user experience. You can also modify the error workflow to send you somewhere you'd like but I would implement @crooked-ram-87124 mentioned changes first