How to capture the input as one if it contains sev...
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What to do if the users input contains several messages. For ex: 1.hey 2.Can we talk Because now the bot would respond twice to each of these messages
the solution to this is situational
i.e. it depends on what you're trying to do
on capture, you can use the "extract from history" function to obtain a variable from the previous X messages
But the number of messages that user would input is unknown. It can be from 1 to 5+. Is there any way for ex. for bot to wait a minute and then capture all inputs as one? I guess it should be somehow done with transcript, any ideas? Like set a delay after start block and then capture transcript in a variable, but it's possible only with first messages
Here's how the scenario looks like: It's capturing the input and sending it to Make to check if it contains a request for a call/meeting(because intents don't work properly), if not it gives the input to Assistant API. After that it's basically the loop