I.A. Token consumption and cost
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01/12/2024, 2:30 PM
I´m new to botpress and looking forward to assemble an automated service for different clients, for this i need to have a good insight on cost of different bots and conversations to offer a good value proposition with a sustainable income model. I need to have a way to know the ammount of I.A. tokens consumed per chat in ordet o achieve this, however , i haven´t been able to figure a way to do this. I ve seen that in the chat log there is a part of data that might be usefull (imaged attached) Is this correct? there any way to know for sure the token consumption per chat ? Thanks in advance for your prompt response everyone !!!
And before I forget, if this token data is correct, is there anyway at the end of the bot conversation to retrieve this inforamtion at all ?


01/12/2024, 6:38 PM
sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking here - the information in the logs you see is correct, yes
but that information isn't displayed on a per-chat basis
it's displayed per-message, as you see above, and at the workspace level, viewable via the dashboard


01/13/2024, 3:36 PM
I see....sorry if i confused you , I ve plunged into documentation and logs to be more clear - I would like to know the A.I. token consumption per conversation ....i can see the A.I. on the log per message but I would like to know the A.I. token per the full conversation. I can see on the Dashboard ammount of sessions (conversations i presume ? , sorry this is my first deployment) and A.I. spent but I would like to know it on a per conversation level . I know i can estaimte an average ammount with just this information , however I would like to go to a granular level i.e. Conversation 1 - 4500 tokens - $0.025 Is this something that can be queued / done or I m missing something ?