LINE Messenger: 'Cards' and 'Carousels' not workin...
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Hi all, has anyone else had this issue? Cards and Carousels are just completely bypassed in the LINE app, but work perfectly in the Studio emulator. Bug ID: d4829755-daf5-4e4c-be2a-472d7667333e
hey there
can you show us what appears on the logs from the dashboard when you reach the cards and carousels?
i got it to work in the end. it is mandating a URL parameter @mysterious-greece-6693
but overall, the integration looks to still be in it's infancy
in that, Line supports multiple variants of Cards and Carousels natively (See , but botpress maps all of them to the Line-"Flex" template, which is unfortunate
this means that any bot integarted with Line, will use a custom card view that is unfamiliar for most users, and doesn't take advantage of the native LINE platform designs, so the experience will always look sub-par
is there any plans to update botpress to align with the standard LINE platform capabilities?
we're definitely planning on iterating on all of our integrations
while also building new ones
I should say though that the integrations are open-sourced
so you may submit PRs or fork them
and you can install your own private integrations
let me know if you'd like resources on how to do so
@ancient-intern-19191 im having trouble with line intergration too, if i send two message in one node, it can only receive the first message(works in emulator, but not line).Do you have the same problem?
Hi, guys! I'm having trouble with sent single or multiple choices. In docs seems wrote it available but, it isn't working
@mysterious-greece-6693 could you help please? @tall-petabyte-27156 @ancient-intern-19191 Have you solved your troubles?
I mean that It is happing because we connecting to line channel. What do you mean about it?