Assistant Api
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Hey guys, I'm getting this went I recieve the assistant Api response Does someone have solve this issue.
Also, can i integrate different assistants api in the same botpress bot??
To avoid this, you can add an AI task in before the message is given to the user to remove an references / citations.
And yes you can add different assistants into the same botpress bot.
You can copy the code cards but replace the assistant ID and add it elsewhere to the bot.
Thankss @proud-memory-60003
Is there´s any other method to fix this?
All I know in spanish is Dos Cervasais por favor
cheers 🍻
@best-army-74344 This can be fixed using a bit of code. In your Assistant API, under SRC folder >> handle response, head to the execute code card in the screenshot and slot in this code below after the line "let responseText". > // delete everything between and including【】 > responseText = responseText.replace(/【.*?】/g, "")
Heyy @able-rocket-15603
if i send u my code could you help?
This is how is build the assistant API part
Do u have a better way than this to handle assistant API?
Have you tried the template by botpress?