Different Icon
# 🤝help
Is it possible to have 2 icons? Once the chatbox is clicked, the default icon will be changed to a customized image? I saw it on this website https://www.tryforward.io/
Botpress doesn't have this directly but you could add a bottom margin to the chatbot window and then add your own button down there that would hide the chat bot when you click it. Let me create a template for you the next time I'm at my desk.
This won't work
Button 1 works fine and I can hide the chat
Button 2 won't work
It can work
Its going to be messy I think
I will just try and redirect someone from the team to here. This would be a nice feature. I can take another look at it tomorrow. The problem is just that when I increase the z-index the new button is being shown over the other button
This is where I am at. I am stuck at the UI.OPENED and can't get it to work.
@bright-magazine-792 are you able to help here, please? Thanks