Chatbot should talk only with my costumer list. Is...
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Hi guys, this is my first chat on this platform, so I'm sorry if I'm asking in the wrong channel. I searched in the search section, but I couldn't find an answer to my question. I want to create a chatbot and integrate this bot with my WhatsApp number. I have a customer list. If any number in my customer list sends me a message on WhatsApp, I want the chatbot to be activated automatically. If I receive a message from a number outside this customer list, I want this message to be sent to my agent on WhatsApp. Is it possible?
this can be done with this tutorial !

How did you calculate the prices of using whatsapp for your chatbot?
sure give me a minute here is a tutorial
I'm not sure I understand this thread. I meant how much did cost to integrate the chatbot to WhatsApp as I understood it has a separate cost than the botpress subscription?
@bumpy-napkin-30670 This would prob involve some coding where, 1) when user starts convo, it extracts {{ event.tags.conversation['whatsapp:userPhone'] }} 2) matches it up with your customer list using table search which contains approved numbers 3) divert to workflow that accept or reject interacting with user.
@purple-dream-91712 Don't think there is cost involved with integration with WhatsApp. There is cost for using WhatsApp for marketing if thats what you are referring to but once user replies, it's free to chat for a window period. Otherwise if user reach out to you on their own (not ads campaign) charges are just botpress x openai tokens used.
Thanks! makes sense