Hello, I would like to activate the NLU in BotPress, the truth is I am not very clear how to do it,
what are you trying to do?
NLU is baked into botpress by default, so there isn't really anything you have to do to 'turn it on'
I want to follow these steps specifically: Install BotPress: Download and install BotPress from its official website. Create a New Bot: In BotPress, create a new bot from the admin panel. Activate and Configure NLU Module: Activate the NLU (Natural Language Understanding) module for natural language processing. Define Intents and Entities: Create intents (actions that users want to perform) and entities (specific information in user messages). Add Training Examples: Provides dialog examples to train the NLU model. Design Conversation Flows: Use the Flow Editor to design how the bot will respond to different intentions. Train and Test the Bot: Train the NLU model with the examples provided and test the bot to make sure it responds correctly. Deploy and Monitor: Deploy the bot and monitor its performance, making adjustments as needed.
Hahaha these step by step instructions from ChatGPT or Claude are showing me flames also. Did you manage to configure it @colossal-king-99424