Infinite loop error when there is non (Report ID: ...
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I'm getting an infinite loop error when I don't even have a loop in my flow. Why is this the case?
The error shows this: [Error, Infinite loop detected. (flow:Checkpoint (node:Entry) --> flow:Checkpoint (node:Standard) --> flow:Checkpoint (node:Exit) --> flow:Main (node:Introduction) --> flow:Main (node:Onboarding) --> flow:Onboarding (node:Entry) --> flow:Onboarding (node:Standard) --> flow:Onboarding (node:Exit) --> flow:Main (node:Onboarding) --> flow:Checkpoint (node:Entry)). Flow: flow:Checkpoint | Node: node:Entry. But the first Checkpoint and the 2nd Checkpoint are in different nodes, which doesn't create a loop
Could you send a screenshot of your workflow?