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When I made a node to get botpress to answer questions from a website (the knowledge base), instead of turning a result of "no valid answer found" which I can link to the next step, it shows as "Answer find in knowledge base" and the answer is "The xxx is not explicitly stated in the provided context". How can I set up the knowledge base to respond as a "no valid answer"? Cheers
I can see your problem there. I find that to be one of the many issues with using a website as a KB (knowledge base). That is why I prefer making a Rich text as my KB instead. In this Rich text I would summarize all of the important text from the website. You can use different formats for it. I you want to do that let me know and I can help you with it. To fix that you could use an AI Task. The instructions would be something like this: Your job is to evaluate if the bots response to the users question actually answers the users question. If it does set the variable workflow.variableName to true. If it doesn't provide the user with a proper answer but instead something like "it was not explicitly stated in the provided context" set the variable workflow.variableName to false. The AI Task input would have something like this. Bots response: {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} Users question: {{event.preview}} You would then have a variable called workflow.variableName as the Boolean type. You would give it that variable to store the result in. This is just a guide line. Play around with it and see what works. You can also add some examples to make it even better.