Access chat data from the "Timeout" flow
# 👀feature-requests


02/10/2024, 3:38 PM
Greetings! Currently, entering "Timeout" flow resets the chat. There must be a good reason for it, but as a result, it's not possible (without some not-ideal workarounds) to log a session that has timed-out. In our case, this is important for capturing bot metrics, as a chat segment where the customer stops interacting with the bot, is potentially problematic and may require attention. It would be very convenient if, when entering "Timeout" flow, the info on the timed-out chat was available in some variable. Ideally, everything, but at the very minimum: - conversationId, -, - event.userId, - event.botId, - event.integration, - session. That would simplify logging quite a bit. Thanks!