waiting for an answer
# 👀feature-requests
it would be nice to have text that says " please wait {number of seconds} to get a PERFECT answer for you"
and if it does not get an asnwer in a certant amount of time, then it will say something like "sorry for the wait, wifi is bad"
something like this. (of course i put in a normal text card in there. The number are not accurate)
it would be awesome if it was in their own workflowes
it can say something like this Waiting time Update on waiting time
@jolly-policeman-82775 So I am looking at this and this my understanding of what you want A message count down with expected wait time User sends query... the bot instantly replies with expected wait time as accurate as possible) if a response is not forthcoming the given timeframe then another reassuring message the answer is still being crafted gets sent. With this approach the issue I see is getting an accurate time expectation set. There are too many factors, in my opinion, that can affect that time. What about a message that goes like this: I received you query and am working on finding the appropriate answer. < in the background an countdown from an action begins set to the max amount of time you want to wait before sending another message... lets say 4 seconds if no answer is sent by then the following message gets sent> I appreciate your patience I am still looking I am sorry something seems off with my network at the moment. Here is a place you can look for your answer. Please reach out to me another time.