Query KB without user input
# 👀feature-requests
We currently can't query the KB without an input from the user. This means that when we use voice only or if we are going for a flow where there is no user it can't query the KB. Let's say we receive information from a webhook and want to query the KB based on a message we received in the payload we can't since the user hasn't sent anything.
Great idea! 🔥 Have you tried creating some user input text that is related to the webhook's answer/payload, and combining those? I haven't tried that yet. It should work with website payloads, but for webhooks from external services or using APIs, we'll need to test more 🛠️
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text:"Some text about the payload",
payload: payload
in this example, the text is from the user.
I am doing that when I use voice, then I send what the user said in the chat so there is still a message but I haven't actually tested that alone.
I asked the user if it got the answer right