Email integration
# 👀feature-requests
I’d like to connect my email accounts to Botpress via SMPT, so I can send email without Zapier. Upvote if you agree, I’d like the team to see this
I think there was already a request for that.
Please upvote there so that one get priority
Many time I see that there a feature request similar or same, but split in two or even three treats so none really get the up votes it might have.
Please make sure there isn´t a request already that you can just up vote before posting one.
This is not explicit for you @brainy-summer-1041 but for all.
The previous one has only 6 upvotes
Those requests often get ignored for some reason
Upvote this one!
I have done that.
Sometimes happens that there come many requests for different features and thenit get lost.
I can tell you that this one is not going to have more UPs then the other.
They have to be joined
The UP votes are for the Botpress team so they can prioritize the ones more asked for, so make sure you upvote the other one too.
Done already
You mean a service like send grid for example?
It is more for E-mail sending that are not necessary gmail account.