Put the variables back to the Main Workflow Proper...
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Idk why you thought that's a good idea to make it like that, but that's super inconvenient and uncomfortable to use #putemback
Hi there
What exactly don't you like here?
Could you please give us a bit of details as what you don't like and how we could make things better for you? 🙂 thanks a lot
all variables were under "main workflow properties". It was visually and practically convenient. Now they are in the lower left corner and look very messy and chaotic which is quite uncomfortable to use, because to check the format of the variable you need to click twice and only there it will be written whether it is a string, boolean etc., and before it was immediately visible, you didn't even have to click
@faint-pager-56395 For visibility. (feedback on the new menu for variables).
Thanks @stocky-lunch-87875. I've tagged one of my colleagues so he can see your feedback regarding this change.
I don't want to promise anything. But it's good to hear everyone's feedback on any adjustments we make.
At the end of the day, our goal is to make adjustments to the product to enhance its user-friendliness.
@stocky-lunch-87875 Thanks for the feedback! I thought this change would stay in dev a bit longer I'll be honest. Anyway I agree with the your points about it being chaotic to look at. All the redundant "workflow." take up a lot space. Fully agree with you on the type icons as well. They offer quick visual feedback that is now lost. I am working on some studio updates right now and will make some style changes where I can. However there is a purpose for moving them. Our main goal with this is to unify how variables are created and edited across the studio. In large bot projects the workflow variables list gets very long as well. I fully understand the frustration of things changing dramatically. Use an app long enough you get comfortable with it and it's quirks. All the feedback is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the comment. I'll anyways eventually get used to it, so if it has to stay so be it. Appreciate all the work you do in BP
Thank you @stocky-lunch-87875 ❤️