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Hi, I'm developing a little bot as It's what I have to do for my studies and actually I want to do this : the user inserts his speedrun time in an input and I save it in a variable A. Then I put a Query Knowledge like this " Compare this time {{A}} with other speedrun time with other speedrun time ( I'll normally send 2 screenshots ). then, to see if anything is good, I read the variable to see if it finds anything. But Nothing happens. When I see logs, it says "Skipping KB agent because none of the 1 KBs provided search results" . Do anyone know if the website I use can be used for this or if it's not possible to do this. I hope you'll can help me and have a nice day.
try GPT
@millions-potato-17273 ur website URL has 2 URLs stuck against each other
Try adding them separately
Also if the speedrun records is in a table on the website, KB search might not be able to compare and give u a result. The search is pretty bad when it comes to tables on websites/documents
Instead what u might wanna do is import the table to the knowledgebase as a Table
Then create a search filter and use that to compare the speedrun times
Thanks I'm gonna try this when I'll Have free Time
Even with 1 URL, it didn't work. I think it's because of that table so I'll try to convert it into a JSON then interact with it. I still thank you for the help @astonishing-napkin-74260
Np. Pls update me if possible when you make it work. I'm very curious