create cards in bulk with tables imported to botpr...
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Greetings, I don't know if it is possible. How could I create cards in bulk with data from a table that I imported into botpress? I want to create product cards. The problem is that I have +100 products title, description (subtitle), image and link (button) and creating and editing them one by one is tedious. Is there any way?
Hello @swift-fountain-34764 help me understand what the purpose of the product cards is meant to be. Are you just wanting to provide the information on that product to the user?
If so I would recommend 1 card that is created on variables
Then use kb query card or selector paired with some additonal logic to find the correct product from your table
Give me a few minutes and I'll have an example to you
let me know if you have any questions
The idea is to create a product catalog from a table that can be easily updated
Are you thinking the user uses the bot to update/create the table, or are you using the table (created/updated from import) to provide information to the bot users?