intent has no intent !!!
# 🤝help
Hey guy's I've come back this bot and trying to direct user to either a Menu, Wine List, Or map Intents don't work, Ive tried an expression too. The one time it picked up an intent it tookl the user to the wrong card!! Menu went to Map card see.
I don't like intent cards because from what I've seen they depend on the context of the conversation
instead you can use expression card like workflow.yourVar === 'wordX' || workflow.yourVar === 'wordY'
But you need to write the word exactly the same ( test isn't equal to Test for example)
Hey there @nice-airplane-37559 , couple of things to try: - When you ask it for "Menu List" it doesn't know the difference between "Menu" and "Menu List". Try rephrasing the intents like: "
Looking for Menu
Looking for Wine
- Instead of using the intent use the
like I did below: - Alternatively you can use an AI task node to interpret the answer to the userQuestion by capturing the {{event.preview}} and parsing it to one of your desired flows e.g. : "Hi, Im looking for the wine" -> AI NODE -> set
to "wine". etc.