Question about connecting to more than 1 of the sa...
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Hi, In BotPress, can I connect a bot to multiple of the same integration? I currently have it connected via the Facebook Messenger integration to Facebook Page A, but I also want it to connect to Facebook Page B. How can I do this? I've searched this Discord, online/Google, ChatGPT said to look for a "Duplicate"/"Clone" button in the integration settings page, but I don't see one (see attached screenshot in Old Dashboard -- looks the same in New Dashboard/no Duplicate button). Please help. Thank you.
My "solution" for now is to export the bot/Duplicate the whole bot, and just connect that bot to Facebook Messenger B, Really don't want to, because then when I'll inevitably have to make a change in the Bot, I'll have to do it twice, for both bots. But, if there's no other option, then it's my only option.