A problem about knowledge base answering cards
# 🤝help
Can you send a screenshot of the logs
Can you try asking it "What is your phone number?"
it just skips the knowledge base somehow
not even searching for it
Has it always done this, or is it new
its new
its always like this.. we building a chat all looks good and after couple of weeks all starting messing up
Can I send you the BPZ file maybe to can figure it out? @fresh-fireman-491
Might be an issue with OpenAI. Some people have mentioned that OpenAI is having issues, which is probably what they use, to determine if it's a question or not. If that's the case, then Botpress or I cannot do anything about it 🙂
But how we can give a client this product if it changes without touching it 🤨
So what you say that is the raw answer cards with knowledge base feature are not working because of the OPENAI problem?
I am saying that it's a possibility. I am on my phone right now, so I can't test if any of my bots can answer questions.
@User Someone can assist us?
Hello @rhythmic-lizard-47527
After reading through the thread and seeing the pictures you provided. I am going to make a recommendation to make this work smoother. My understanding from what I see above is you are using a raw input capture card with choices enabled with the KB functionality turned on
I recommend turning the KB search off with raw capture
capture the user's input in a variable
Then use the Knowledgebase query card to submit the answer if it is not one of the provided choices to the Knowledgebase and capture that answer in a variable
That can be returned to the user
Just a moment and I'll have a quick example to you
IN general my preference, as many who have had me answer questions here can attest, is to use the KB Query card. From my experience it makes things cleaner and easier to maintain.
thank you sara!
Hi sara does it cose you too about 0.1 per each response? cant solve that
also i would like to know if it sends url's that you are put in a rich text file in KB, it always sends me only the text not the urls
Hello @rhythmic-lizard-47527 for pricing questions here is our page going over the details https://botpress.com/pricing Also are enabling or removing references? https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/studio/knowledge-base/#removing-the-references
@flat-plumber-75402 Hi thank you sara, what about the URLS?
So for sending URLs I usually find having them in a table works a bit better than a text rich document if you are trying to provide them to the user. If you use the website KB you can get the URLs are part of the references returned from the KB
you saved me, but I don't understand why the raw input card doesn't give me a response even though there is the option to search in KB... I loaded a DOC as KB in which there is the horoscope of the week and it is structured like this: title: Aries Horoscope body: Aries horoscope text title:Taurus Horoscope body:Taurus horoscope text etc if in the row input question I write "Aries horoscope" shouldn't I have to find the relevant text in the doc? yet he completely ignores the question and skips the card
Its formatting and the ability for the LLM to diseminate the information. Based on the information diffferent formats are more effective. This is why we have the bandwidth for pdf, tables, website, text rich, etc
I've been trying for 3 days to get the complete answer to the horoscope of the zodiac sign indicated by the user, but I don't understand why the answer is truncated... I uploaded a KB both as a doc (among other things it shows me some lines when inspecting the document I didn't understand what they indicate) that as plain text, in both cases the last paragraph is not printed by the bot (Consigli della Settimana), can you tell me where I'm wrong? or is there some setting that truncates the response? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222454521477992468/1230195217274241124/Cattura3a.JPG?ex=66326f93&is=661ffa93&hm=d741b4dd41e15120a95360d7ab8d148c7a6012b2d45cc8e0da0ac2d8fa292dbd& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222454521477992468/1230195217525768313/Cattura2a.JPG?ex=66326f93&is=661ffa93&hm=d38802c28cbb58ba81f73f27b423d87e23dfeecf66ab25e8d43b1f0a4a3f99b8& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222454521477992468/1230195217898934342/Cattura1.JPG?ex=66326f93&is=661ffa93&hm=e1c1126064685218456a51a86666ae79984a2770086ac2271ea7337246122fad&
"Without including information about the next sign"
Can you remove this line from your QueryKB prompt and try again ? If that doesn't work I would recommend using to convert your rich text to a .csv or and import it into a Tables so you can query that directly.