[Degradation] IO.IncomingEvent.payload.type missin...
# 🤝help
Previously, IO.IncomingEvent.payload had type. E.g.:
That is still the case when running in emulator, but not when deployed.
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    "id": "1a2d47f1-f085-48e2-9cf3-622bba72e98a",
    "type": "text",
    "channel": "channel",
    "userId": "user_01HSZEX21Q0J8A8CAF47B8MY7E",
    "direction": "incoming",
    "payload": {
        "text": "xxxxx"
In the meantime,
still has type. However, type is now available directly in
. Not sure if it has been the case before. Would be great to have some developer-oriented change log available somewhere, so that negative effects of such unexpected changes (in this case -- partially breaking logging) could be minimized. Thanks!
I completely agree that a dev log would be amazing!