Fallback answer after detecting that there isn't a...
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Hey! I am building a bot that I want to: Ask persons details - Done Be ready for questions - Done Check the question, should it use default answer (f.ex pricing, guarantee) - Done Check the knowledge - Done Fallback Answer - Answer default answer, if there isn't answer in the knowledge - BROKEN Answer with full answer from the Knowledgfe with citations - BROKEN _______________ I have tried these for Fallback answer: Expressions: {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded}} {{!turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded}} = didn't work - goes to wrong trail Expressions: workflow.KnowledgeAgent.responded !workflow.KnowledgeAgent.responded = didn't work - error _______________ AI tasks: aiCategory Analyze the @workflow.person_Query Based on your analysis if @workflow.person_Query about pricing, plans, or subscriptions please return the answer "Check our up-to-date pricing, plans, and subscriptions on our pricing page. ... ... ... Otherwise answer to the {{workflow.person_Query}} ____________ person_Query Answer the @workflow.person_Query if {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded}}. If {{!turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded}}, please answer: "It seems there is no answer to your question in my knowledge.     Please try again or contact us at --" _________________ I have tried putting the "validator" first and then the answering as its own node - not working. The usual thing is that it won't answer and hops to the next node. Or it picks the wrong expression and answers the fallback even though it found an answer. Please help, I start to be a quite fed up with this. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222481690165907507/1222481690597916682/Screenshot_2024-03-27_at_11.19.01.png?ex=66165fcb&is=6603eacb&hm=f912c96308facb957a752272c733c77de5f8c31a718afc716112457f46c2169d& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222481690165907507/1222481691033993256/Screenshot_2024-03-27_at_11.29.22.png?ex=66165fcb&is=6603eacb&hm=4b8979e929a4798c9c4909ee7546ae31def1d0c09e5f17888ca18a383fc39104&
Couldbyou show us a picture of your knowledge query