Unexpected end
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So, my thing here is the conversation is ending as soon as i ask a query, i want to make it such that it doesnt end the conversation, i added an expression that exits when the user says exit or bye and its still ending after a single query. How do i make it such that it ends after the user has finished asking all questions https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222495890518966313/1222495890980208770/Screenshot_2024-03-27_at_10.04.53_AM.png?ex=66166d05&is=6603f805&hm=eb11d22b91e9b60ea3b2900266ecb8e125d6e2ed70a677ac1c98e570698c8cfe&
Put always transition card after your raw input and after the userQuery ==='end' transition card
ive figured out everything
now only issue is my ai task isnt working as expected
it is not transitioning to the ai generated answer as it was before
When I said always transition card after userQuery, it was after userQuery on the same node
And to answer you on your last problem, you need to make an execute code card after sending the message with workflow.variableWhereYouPutYourKnowledgeBaseAnswer === undefined; This will reset the variable and avoid getting the same answer twice if there is no answer for your question in your knowledge base
hey what do i put in the execute code card?
i didnt understand exactly what you wanted me to do
Can you send me a screenshot of your Query Knowledge Base card
Oops, so basically you make a transition (expression card with) workflow.queryAnswer === 'undefined' (this is for when the knowledge base does not have the answer to your question)
This card should go before the @workflow.kbAnswer text card
The execute code card should be workflow.query = 'undefined' (place this after @workflow.kbAnswer text card) This card will reset the answer to ensure that you wont get any problem later on when asking a new question
hey, i was on a bit of a break
can you still help me out with this
Whats the issue, have you tried what I proposed to you ?
yes i have
its not working
Is this bot private? If you want to share me the template I can try to change it myself for you and send you back the new template
i dont think so
let me share the bot
can i dm it to you?